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Hey busy bodies,

join the slowdown society.

Struggling to find a movement &

wind-down routine?

Curious about alternative healing & holistic nutrition?

Looking for a cozy nook to enjoy all-day breakfast & good coffee?



All-day breakfast and dishes with a tinge of nostalgia that aren’t the boring side of healthy.

Movement & Meditation Studio

Body toning barre, soul-soothing yoga, stressbusting sound healing, & so much more... all tucked in our bespoke studio.

Signature Treatments

Skin-balancing facials, detoxifying treatments, energy healing sessions that’s all about restoring the mind, body, and soul.

Community Events & Workshops

Find your people in our Matcha Mornings, workshops, open mic nights & weekend markets. Everyone belongs here.


Find the wellness that fits you well

To get started, tbh, it really starts with you. You’ve got to be intentional with choosing yourself first over life’s endless to-do's.


We're all about breaking the stereotypes of wellness and bringing back traditional methods in fresh, modern ways to help with:

· Stress & general anxiety management

· Getting your mobility back

· Detoxifying your body

· Achieving a leaner & toned physique

· Restored mind, body, soul

Paus benefits

Your new fav comfort zone

Get over the serious side of wellness. 

We make sure what we do is always fresh and exciting, where serious self-care does not mean boring at all. 

Everyone belongs here.

We make wellness accessible to anyone regardless of where you are in your wellness journey.

Holistic, inner-outer harmony.

We don’t offer quick solutions. We help you dig deep to help you find your roots.


Let's Connect

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