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Sunrise Gong Bath

New Beginnings Multi layered sound experience with positive affirmations

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Sunrise Gong Bath
Sunrise Gong Bath

Time & Location

Dec 30, 2023, 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM

Dubai, X8QX+V6W - Madinat Hind 4 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Awaken your spirit with the ethereal magic of our Sunrise Gong Bath in the heart of the desert—a multi-layered sound experience heralding new beginnings. As the first light paints the sky, surrender to the symphony of gong vibrations interwoven with the harmonious whispers of positive affirmations. Each resonant wave carries the promise of a fresh start, echoing amidst the vast desert landscape. The layers of sound create a sonic tapestry, a celestial dance with the dawn, guiding you towards a state of serene rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in this transformative journey, where the desert becomes a canvas for the birth of new possibilities. Let the affirmations weave through your consciousness, planting seeds of positivity that blossom with the rising sun. Embrace the radiant energy of the desert dawn, marking the inception of a day filled with hope, purpose, and the promise of infinite potential.

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