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Fresh and aromatic, and with notes of unripe cassis, tender green leaves, and garden herbs, this leafy scent captures the verdant fragrance of the vineyard in summertime after a fresh rain. Flinty hints of mineral-rich soil balance the scent’s bracing freshness, while its sandalwood base teases out warmth and depth.


The Notes Top: Lemon, Parsley, Lime, Coriander, Minerals Middle: Birch Leaves, Green Tomato, Cassis Buds Base: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber, Neutral Wood.


The Memory: Everything smells fresh and green walking through our vineyard after a summer rain shower. It’s inspiring to watch the vines stretch toward the sky, exposing the maturing grapes on the fruiting wire. As we work through the rows, pulling leaves out of the canopy to allow more sunlight and airflow to reach the grapes, the minerality of the slate in the soil mixes with the green of the leaves, woodsy scent of the wet posts, and cool breeze off the lake, to create an enchanting fragrance.


Approximate burn time: 8 oz.: 50 hours

No. 10 A Hundred and Fifteen Rows

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