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Edgy, yet welcoming, this scent captures the sensory contradictions of midtown Manhattan on a wet fall day. Petrichor, minerality and bright bergamot elicit New York City’s damp concrete and sharp skyline facades of granite and steel, while hyacinth, musk, and cedar provide a counteracting softness and warmth reminiscent of freshly prepared bouquets at the neighbourhood bodega.


The Notes Top: Bergamot, Fig Tree Leaves, Berry, Lemon , Middle: Hyacinth, Jasmine, Tulip, Minerals Accord , Base: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, Petrichor Accord.


The Memory “My first visceral impression of New York City came stepping out of a subway station somewhere in midtown Manhattan one wet fall morning. I was mesmerized by the metallic colours and endless layers of granite, glass, and metal facades on the countless structures towering over me. Yet the sharp minerality in the air, enhanced by the wet concrete below my feet, was contrasted with a sense of warmth, almost certainly from the sight and smell of freshly cut flowers at the nearby bodega. That’s New York for you — a city of contradictions.” Approximate burn time: 50 hours

No. 212 Concrete Jungle

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