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The Scent Warm and intimate, this grounding fragrance captures the romance of an old-world antique bookstore. Earthy aromas of sandalwood and saffron combine with an ephemeral whisper of powdery rose and patchouli to evoke the scents of ageing paper, while smoky birch resin layers on notes of leather and dried ink.


The Notes Top: Ceylon Pepper, Saffron, Lemon Peel, Middle: Rose, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Base: Vanilla, Birch Resin.


The Memory- “Wandering the historic cobblestone streets of Lisbon, I chanced upon an antique bookstore with towering stacks of centuries-old books, many encased in distressed and worn leather bindings. As I perused the shelves, the pervasive smell around me was hypnotic: a humid mustiness emanating from the ageing and fragile paper, the powdery scent of time, and a resinous odour indicative of the old ink long-dried on the books' yellowing pages. These weren’t world-famous works of literature or even books that would make it into museums, but they were precious nonetheless both to the hands that turned the pages before me, and the generations of book lovers to come.”


Approximate Burn Time: 8 oz.: 50 hours

No. 40 Livraria Antiga

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