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Find your favorite new self-love ritual

Skin-balancing facials, detoxifying treatments, energy healing sessions that’s all about restoring the mind, body, and soul.

Pick your new fav from:


Body Maderotherapy

Detox & sculpt your body

Perfect for: Removing unnecessary water, fat and toxins from the body.

How you’ll feel after: Toned and relaxed - your tightened muscles loosened.

Access Bars

A hands-on energy healing process to unlock your head’s energy centers. Facial Maderotherapy

Perfect for: Releasing thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you.

How you’ll feel after: Warm and fuzzy, deeply relaxed.


Face Maderotherapy

Contour Your Face Naturally

The end result is rejuvenated, firmer and radiant skin. Both men and women can enjoy this facial.

Youth Bloom Facial

Turn back time with our Antioxidant Age Defining Facial. Pure Argan oils, Pomegranate, and Frankincense, age reversing ingredients, boost the natural collagen in your skin.


Calm Club Facial

Designed to make you feel totally relaxed and pampered. Aloe Vera, Black Oat, and Trehalose will put an end to skin stress by calming, healing, and locking in moisture.


Clarify & Soothe Facial

Slow down the overproduction of sebum and calm down redness with tea tree & sulfur!

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