Come in as you are.

A judgment-free zone, non-therapy therapy talks in a safe space.

Our Matcha Mornings is our staple feel-good community session where we talk softly about the hard things.


We created Paus; to be a community for communities. Welcome home to you new fave comfort zone.


Community Events

  • Poetry Open Mic: Blank Space
    Fri, 12 Aug
    Paus; Cafe + Community
    We’re so excited to have over the iconic initiative that is Blank Space @thebspacex Come spend Aug 12 Friday with us at 7:30 pm to enjoy a night of authentic open mic poetry. Interested to perform? Come at 7pm to sign-up onsite (first come, first served). See you there!
  • Matcha Morning: I am not my stereotype
    Sun, 14 Aug
    Paus; Cafe + Community
    Dubai is a melting pot and we come here representing who we are, where we come from. But sometimes, society boxes us into types and categories according to our job, our gender, our body type(!!!), our nationality and so much more. What are your experiences in this aspect?
  • Discover Your Soul's Purpose with Kai Simmonds
    Wed, 17 Aug
    Paus; Cafe + Community
    Learn your unique skills and gifts which you are meant to share with the world. This includes a short talk, journaling, a sharing circle/small group discussion and cl,osing with a sound healing meditation.
  • Third Paus; Music Open Mic Night
    Sat, 20 Aug
    Paus; Cafe + Community
    Beats, rhythms, and everything in between. Hosted by Rami Abu Ammuna
  • Intuitive Eating 101
    Wed, 24 Aug
    Paus; Cafe + Community
    What is Intuitive Eating? But also what ISN'T Intuitive Eating? Is this another 'trendy diet'? Is it really important to stop labeling foods as 'good' and 'bad'? There's so much to feast on in this informative workshop moderated by Holistic Health Coach @kayleigh_coaching
  • Second Paus; Comedy Open Mic Night
    Sat, 27 Aug
    Paus; Cafe + Community
    Hosted by Just Entertainment Co-Founder Alysia Knowles A night of family-friendly fun + a judgement-free space for up-and-coming comedians :) Come in for a Saturday of laughter!